True Fit: A Collected History of Denim

Author: Viktor Fredback

ISBN: 9198137514

Number Of Pages: 268

Publisher: Graphera

Release Date: 2018-04-01

Details: Denim jeans, perhaps the most ubiquitous article of clothing to be found in the world today did not always enjoy such widespread appeal. Prior to the 1950s, denim was largely worn by the working class, be it farmers, construction or factory workers as a durable, utilitarian fabric that held up well against the elements. The earliest proponents were likely the miners of the American West, who in the 1800s toiled away underground, occasionally leaving some remnants behind for posterity. For some, this history holds a deep fascination bordering on fanaticism as these archaeologists of denim risk life and limb to explore abandoned mines in search of these elusive treasures. Piecing together their finds from all eras and brands to stitch together a picture not only of the history of denim, but also often the histories of their wearers. With beautiful fashion photography and details, vintage ads and photos, this is a must for any serious jean collector or afficianado.

EAN: 9789198137514

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