Natural Processes in Textile Art: From Rust-Dyeing to Found Objects

Author: Alice Fox

Brand: Batsford


  • Batsford

ISBN: 1849942986

Number Of Pages: 128

Publisher: Batsford

Release Date: 2015-09-01


Bring the rhythms of nature into your craft! More and more textile artists are using natural processes in their work, from dyeing with rust to incorporating found and scavenged items. This is the first book dedicated to this popular topic, with advice on how to work creatively with what's close at hand. Bury your embroidery to give it a patina, make sun prints with found objects, and do "beachcombing weaving." These projects, along with examples from the best contemporary artists, show respect for the environment, and capture a strong sense of place, calm, and contentment.

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EAN: 9781849942980

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