Made by Hand

ISBN: 1908966394

Number Of Pages: 192

Publisher: Black Dog Publishing

Release Date: 2014-05-27


Made By Hand is an illustrated survey of some of the finest hand makers operating today. Profiling these makers with large images of themselves, their workshops, products and techniques, Made By Hand walks the reader through tailors, shoe makers, bee keepers, micro breweries, jewellers and more. By focusing on the choice these artisans have made to produce hand made goods in an age where mass-produced, imported wares are cheaper and easier the book is a timely celebration of the return to organic, hand made and home grown that is proliferating worldwide.

Each maker features in a double page spread with interviews probing their techniques, the surrounding tradition and their motivation for working by hand. This is accompanied by trivia, such as the celebrities they have produced for and the most expensive pieces they have ever made.

Prefaced by an introductory text about the ethos of hand making, and with the juxtaposition of traditional craft alongside contemporary hand making throughout, Made By Hand is framed as an address to hand craft as an environmentally friendly and economically healthy resurgence that is not only nostalgic but also progressive and productive.

EAN: 9781908966391

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