Life Cycling: The Story of 16 Inspiring Homes (Japanese and English Edition)

Author: PIE Books

Edition: Bilingual

ISBN: 4756244076

Number Of Pages: 200

Publisher: P I E Books

Release Date: 2014-01-23

Details: As every bird s nest is unique, we have a multitude of individual lifestyles. Since we surround ourselves with a lot of things and stuff , how do we figure out how to choose what is important in order for us to live well?

LIFECYCLING , a web magazine created by a Japanese interior brand IDÉE, introduces people who are passionate and picky about these things and stuff . It especially focuses on their attractive nests. This title turned the contents of the web magazine into a book with 16 persons examples. Most of them are living in Japan, but 4 of them are from Los Angeles to make the title fresh and impressive. By interviewing these people from various aspects, this book presents tips and ideas that are useful to enhance readers lives. And it also contains a lot of beautiful photographs which show their unique but harmonious lives. We can grasp their sense of aesthetics - how they choose things and have fun with them.

This book helps readers to get inspired in a creative way for a better life in the near future.

About IDÉE IDÉE, started in 1982, is a "lifestyle brand" based in Tokyo, Japan, and their concept is "life is about everyday" / "exploring Lifestyles". They promote a pleasant daily life through furniture and goods from a wide variety of cultures and also provide designs of residences, offices and stores etc. They have their own store in 8 cities in Japan, and they also supply their goods to other interior stores. Furthermore, they are a subsidiary of MUJI.

EAN: 9784756244079

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