African Dress: Fashion, Agency, Performance (Dress, Body, Culture)

Edition: 1st

ISBN: 0857853813

Number Of Pages: 272

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

Release Date: 2013-04-11


Dress and fashion practices in Africa and the diaspora are dynamic and diverse, whether on the street or on the fashion runway.

Focusing on the dressed body as a performance site, African Dress explores how ideas and practices of dress contest or legitimize existing power structures through expressions of individual identity and the cultural and political order.

Drawing on innovative, interdisciplinary research by established and up and coming scholars, the book examines real life projects and social transformations that are deeply political, revolving around individual and public goals of dignity, respect, status, and morality.

With its remarkable scope, this book will attract students and scholars of fashion and dress, material culture and consumption, performance studies, and art history in relation to Africa and on a global scale.

EAN: 9780857853813

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