The Kindcraft collaborates with many of the artists that we feature in our stories, bringing you a curated collection of handmade goods + slow fashion. 
Through our Maker Collaborations, The Kindcraft designs contemporary goods which are produced in partnership with independent makers around the world. These projects help provide artists with a sustainablelivelihood and promote the continuation of their craft.
Each of our products uses natural materials and is slow made with care.

Our first Maker Collaboration was with Studio Naenna textiles in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Fashion designer and founder of The Kindcraft Lauren K. Lancy designed contemporary clothing that honors handwoven, naturally dyed textiles. Our Indigo Collection uses natural indigo made from plant to paste in the traditional Thai way. The skilled women at Weavers for the Environment made our traditional woven textiles for our Ikat Collection designed with clean styling.
Watch the video below to learn about our collaboration with Studio Naenna Textiles.

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